Tony Nudd
Tony Nudd

Introduction To DAVE - UiPath Intelligent Chatbot Project For Secondary Schools

DAVE - UiPath Intellgent Chatbot Project for Secondary Schools

The following project uses UiPath RPA and Python to create a home automation chatbot.

This is the introduction video for my UiPath RPA Interactive Chatbot Secondary School Level Project.

This project is just for fun and does not represent Best Practice or Production Strength design concepts.
It is an introduction to using Python, ChatBots and UiPath RPA.
Some basic Python knowledge is excepted and file editing.
The tutorials will use Notepad++ to edit the Python code.

Secondary School Level Project - UiPath Powered Chatbot using Python

Minimum Equipment

  • Laptop running Windows 10 (or later)
  • Minimum 4GB RAM
  • Internet connection
  • UiPath RPA Account (Free - Community Edition)
  • Python (v3.7 or later)
Mannequin and other peripherals are optional and are described later in the tutorials.

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